Small Chocolates

Chocolate was the reason everything started 40 years ago! Vasilis Kordelidis loved it so much and passionately and wanted to create it himself, with his own recipe, in order to be truly real!

Palet became the place of this great love. Having been equipped with the best German production machines of the time, the creation started!!

Nothing has changed since then as far as our love for chocolate is concerned. Palet was and still remains the unique patisserie in Greece that has a chocolate production unit.

The quality of our pure ingredients is our primary and non-negotiable concern. We choose to import cocoa mass and butter, selectively, from Netherlands and France respectively, countries with a long tradition in the quality of these specific ingredients through the years.

The ingredients are mixed in our machines for 96 hours until a homogenized final mixture emerges, ready to be mixed with the experience, knowledge, taste and love of our secret family recipe.

Almonds, sour cherry, mini olive-like chocolates, mantles, pralines.

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