Our recipes need love, passion and good ingredients to be achieved, and of course they are  special because they have their roots in Constantinople. For example, the politiki vasilopita (New Year’s Eve cake) with mastiha and mahlepi along with the original politikos kourabies (sugared bun), which needs its own secret in baking in order to be totally white and well-cooked at the same time.

Trying to please and stand out in traditional Christmas sweets, Palet  prepares  two different kinds of kourabiedes. The first one is made in the traditional way with genuine milk butter and whole almond, while the other one, the politiko, is without icing sugar, leaves velvet taste and is decorated with Aegina pistachio as a detail.

Of course the original melomakarono, made with thyme honey, lots of walnuts and cinnamon aroma could not be missing from the festive table during Christmas days. These ingredients give strength and energy by themselves. In fact, we mustn’t forget that in Ancient Greece honey was a symbol of well-being and fertility. What makes “melomakarona” special at Palet is that they are honeyed inside and crunchy outside.

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